Brita Erica Duwe

Age, status, housing status
44, private, inherit a detached house that is my childhood home.

What made you make the choice to move to Årdal?
Combination of a desire for better finances, closeness to nature and closer to my two oldest children in Bergen. As a single person, I would not have been able to afford a detached house in Ålesund where I lived before. I also did not want to sell the childhood home, and first traveled only to try out for half a year before I decided to sell the townhouse in Ålesund and move here permanently. I also had the opportunity to take the job to my home office, otherwise I would probably have spent a little longer moving if I had not had a job.

Name the top three things you think are worth knowing about everyday life in Årdal for new årdøler.
The view towards Årdalsvatnet in the morning when the surface is quiet and the mountains are perfectly reflected in the lake. Endless ski trails and hiking trails in the mountains or right outside the door. A calmer and more laid-back life without stress and the feeling of coming home.

Favorite city in Årdal?
Do I have to choose one? The best view is from Gjerdesnosi out to Årdalsfjorden. The toughest view is from Bøttejuvet when you lie on your stomach and look down into the abyss. The most easily accessible mountain is Vetle Finnsåsen with the great view. The coolest place is the frozen Cathedral in Vikadalen in the winter. 

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Did you know that.......
SITEP in Årdal is part of the industrial future in the region by increasing the collaboration between businesses, schools, universities and other research environments.

Årdalsguiden 2022/23

This guide gives you a full overview of Årdal and its surroundings and what is on offer, such as local trips and hikes, services, shops, events and meeting spots.

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