Lene Risløw with family

Age, status, housing status
The couple Gaute (40) and Lene (45), own detached house on Årdalstangen with our two children.

What made you make the choice to move to Årdal?
I, Lene, lived in Bergen with a good job, but came to a phase in life where I felt I could make changes and then chose Årdal. Bergen has a lot to offer, but I felt that I did not want to bring with me the stress that came with the big city into our toddler life. Gaute, who comes from Øvre, met me on the road. And at Årdalstangen we have had the opportunity to create our own paradise, our safe haven.

Nemn tre ting du tykkjer er verdt å vite om kvardagslivet i Årdal for nye årdøler
Du er sjef for eigen kvardag, men eg tør påstå at me har nokre av dei flottaste bakteppa for både aktive og rolege dagar her i Årdal. Her er interessegrupper for det meste: jakt, fiske, fjell, turlag, kultur, husflid, sport og liknande, vil uansett klare å finne utløp for interessene våre. Heile sommaren har me to utandørs oppvarma basseng å boltre oss i!

Favorite city in Årdal?
It is difficult to have only one favorite city, at least with kids. But a trip to "Utsikten" from Seimsåsen is never to be denied, it is a super easy trip plus driving through the Offerdal tunnel is always exciting. Being able to sit "Ne 'fø sjøen" in Offerdalen and look out over the fjord on a calm summer day, is nice for young and old. Or take an afternoon walk over the "Seaweed on the edge".

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Did you know that.......
SITEP in Årdal is part of the industrial future in the region by increasing the collaboration between businesses, schools, universities and other research environments.

Årdalsguiden 2022/23

This guide gives you a full overview of Årdal and its surroundings and what is on offer, such as local trips and hikes, services, shops, events and meeting spots.

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