Kristine Haglund

Age, status, housing status
29 years old, cohabiting with Vidar, bought a semi-detached house in Øvre last year.

What made you make the choice to move to Årdal?
When I lived in Bergen, I went around in various temporary positions, and it was very difficult to get a permanent job. When my last vacancy in DNB expired, I thought that enough is enough. I have always known that I would move home again in the future, but not already in 2019. When the opportunity in came up, in addition to the fact that I was quite ready to move home, I said yes and packed up the whole apartment. Now I have lived at home for two years, and have not regretted a day. Of course I miss city life and my friends there, but luckily it's easy to get to Bergen to visit. Here in Årdal, everything is so easily accessible, and I have most of what I need every day.

Name three things you think are worth knowing about everyday life in Årdal for new årdøler.
We have easy access to most things here in the village, and Årdal has a good and helpful local environment. We have the opportunity to cultivate outdoor interests, we have easy access to both fjords and mountains, the opportunity to paddle, ski (cross-country skiing, mountaineering and alpine skiing), or hiking on foot almost all year round. And even though Årdal is a small village, I have the opportunity to travel, eat good food and go to a café with friends.

Favorite city in Årdal?
It is a difficult question, but Indre Ofredal Ne´fø lake is a favorite!

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Did you know that.......
SITEP in Årdal is part of the industrial future in the region by increasing the collaboration between businesses, schools, universities and other research environments.

Årdalsguiden 2022/23

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