«Kom bli med, så skal eg syna deg kor fint det er utanfor stoveglaset…»

Riding the forgotten 100 Year Old Gravel Road Lost in the Norwegian Mountains

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NRK Summer car minute by minute, from Tindevegen to Årdal.

Norwegian Attraction – Learn about the history of the famous Ofredalstunnelen.

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The Acquitted series shot all their landscape scenes and lots more from Årdal.

Årdal – A winter adventure together with Bulder and Brak Adventures.

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Did you know that.......

An e-sports club was recently founded in Årdal.

Årdalsguiden 2022/23

This guide gives you a full overview of Årdal and its surroundings and what is on offer, such as local trips and hikes, services, shops, events and meeting spots.

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