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Life in Årdal offers adventures, experiences, activities and meeting spots for people at all ages, and within our breathtaking surroundings there are many great outdoor activities right outside your doorstep. There are many organised and volunteer-based groups offering nature-based experiences, and in addition to that, there are numerous of organised sport activities to choose from.

There are restaurants, cafes, bars and shops offering traditional and international food experiences, a microbrewery and several cultural events throughout the year. Here you will find an overview of information and links to different activities and meeting spots in Årdal.

If you see anything that is missing, please get in touch with the newcomer service.

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Residents in Årdal are known to be quite invested in grassroot sports as athletes, spectators and volunteers (dugnad). Particularly within organised sports, there is a lot on offer. Whether you would like to become a sport participant, a coach or a spectator, the options are plentiful. If you cannot find your desired sports club in Årdal, there is no problem to start your own within the community. Would you like to become a part of the coaching teams in a particular club, or for your children to enter an organised sports activity? Get in touch with the newcomer office to assist you with the correct contact details.

It is impossible to arrive in Årdal without acknowledging our spectacular nature amongst fjords and mountains, deep valleys and not least Utladalen as one of the main portals to Jotunheimen National Park. Below you will find an overview of various hiking organisations, ski resorts and hunting and fishing organisations. In addition, there is also an overview of companies offering nature adventures with kayaking and guided trips, amongst others.

Årdal newcomer service

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Concerts, competitions, theatre, cinema and climbing mountains; read more about it here.

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Leisure activities

Here is an overview of leisure activities for the young, adults and for the whole family.

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Food and hangouts

Fancy some nice food and meeting others? Read more about what is on offer of food and meeting spots here.

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Did you know that.......

There are two outdoor swimming pools in Årdal

Årdalsguiden 2022/23

This guide gives you a full overview of Årdal and its surroundings and what is on offer, such as local trips and hikes, services, shops, events and meeting spots.

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