Food and hangouts

There are several eateries and meeting spots to choose from in Årdal. Here is a selection offering fresh baked goods, restaurant experiences with local produce, tapas, local microbrewed beer, barbeques and pizzas. Fancy a round of shuffleboard, pool, local festivals, joining baby song classes, live football at the pub or pub quizzes? All of the above and more, you will find here.

Klingenberg Hotel
Tya Bakery & Café
Mama Mia
Tya Bar
Bakeriet Øvre Årdal
Youth Clubs
Elderly Centre
Indre Ofredal ne fø' sjøen
The Årdal Centre
Strondi Café
Did you know that.......

Årdal supports and welcome entrepreneurial businesses.

Årdalsguiden 2022/23

This guide gives you a full overview of Årdal and its surroundings and what is on offer, such as local trips and hikes, services, shops, events and meeting spots.

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